It All Works Out In the End

Life gets tuff. That is an eternal truth. It is a hard, cruel and grueling world out there. Where-ever life takes us, it always seems to go wrong. I don’t want you to think that I am complaining, quite the contrary, I am happy about that.  It isn’t easy out in the big world, but there is hope and I want to tell you why.

I have always wanted to write.  I have for almost my entire life tried to write stories, books, articles, even poems. I never did anything with them. (Except when I was super awkward and read them to girls that I wanted to date in high school…. moving on) The fact of the matter, wasn’t that I couldn’t write, it was that I didn’t have the motivation or inspiration.  It has been hard to get to this point, a point where I feel comfortable enough to write these articles, few they may be, and let the world know who I am, what I do, and what I am about.  It was not an easy task, but I did it. Now this isn’t about my writing, no, it is about something so much bigger than that. Something that since the dawn of time has been a hindrance, and a thorn in the side of mankind.  There are a few things that I feel, are the reason that we are held back in our lives, whether that be from a big promotion at work, trying out for a sports team, trying that new recipe and so much more. We all have that something that we hold ourselves back from, no matter how confident we may be. Here are a few things that I have learned, coming from someone who has suffered from self-confidence issues his entire life.

Fear of Rejection: One of the biggest things that has held me back from reaching my very best, or to even try that something new is my fear of rejection. This is something that I feel is more prevalent than people are letting on.  It is a very simple fear, and yet it makes a huge difference in so many lives. A lot of the time as the human race, we tend to care too much about what other people think of us. “Well what do you think?” we ask other people. “Do you think that they like me?” somebody may ask. There are so many different ways we can fear rejection, whether we are looking to pitch the next big business idea at work, but don’t want to look stupid in front of your boss and co-workers, or your looking to take up a musical instrument and write music, but you never have because you don’t think anyone will like what you write, then there are those who want to ask someone out on a date, ( and no matter what anyone may say THIS IS SUPER SCARY, and very nerve racking)  they are afraid that that person is going to say no. These are all valid points. It is scary and that fear is very real. Let. It. Go. I don’t mean that in a rude way, I just mean literally look inside yourself and let it go. You are so much better than you think you are. This won’t happen in a days time though, to overcome this particular beast of an issue you need to practice at it. Just like a bicycle or learning a sport or instrument, it takes time and the more you practice at it the better and more confident you will become. Find someone you trust, and let them in. They want to help you, I can promise you that, and if you will trust them, they will trust and help you get to the place where you want to be and not just be there but to excel there.

Hater Gonna Hate: No matter what your idea or goal may be, there will always be troves of people to let you down, and to tell you it won’t work. It only takes one person to believe in you for you to succeed. If you have at least someone who is willing to take your side, to go to bat for, I can guarantee your path will not be as hard or lonely from the moment you join forces. Don’t listen to the ones who hate your ideas, listen to the ones who love them. When you look at the most popular music today, (this may differ for everyone, but I am talking the most successful and popular according to rankings on popular music sites) as of today most of the record breaking hits out are Rap and Hip-hop. Does everyone love Rap and Hip-hop? No. Not at all. Even though they are popular and seem successful, they went through the same struggles you and I went through and are going through. Always remember the only way something can truly fail, is if you don’t fully believe in it yourself. Which leads to the next and final tip.

You Are Your Own Biggest Critic:  You will be your biggest enemy, until you decided to be your biggest ally. For most of my life I have put myself down, and told myself that I would never be good enough. Some days I still feel that way, but the more that I do the things that make me the happiest, the more I realize that it doesn’t matter what I think, as long as I do the things that I want to do, as long as it is meant to be, it works. I am not the worlds greatest writer but I hope to be. I am working at it day after day, month after month, and it is a challenge but I assure you that I am working on it, and by gosh, I have loved every minute of it. I keep telling myself that I can do it. Whenever I get down on myself for not being good enough, I think of a children’s story about the little engine that could. ( I know, I know, it’s super cheesy, but I love it it anyway!) The little engine was pulling a large train behind him as he hit a mountain, it was a struggle for him to get up the mountain but as he started the ascent, he kept chanting to himself, “I think I can, I think can, I think I can.” I would tell myself something similar. For you this can be the change that you need. Stop being your biggest enemy and start working for the good guys, start working for yourself.

That is it. There is so much more that you can do, but this can be a great start in the right direction. You never know until you try. So try, if you fail, try again, nothing good has ever been done, without some kind of failure being involved. Believe in yourself and get out there and do something better. Just know that it all works out in the end, and you will succeed as long as you keep on trying, and trying, and eventually one day, you will do what you’ve always wanted to do. 

Belief and hope to all,

Trevor Montana McMurtrey

My Favorite Things: Dogs – Old English Bulldog

Dogs are a mans best friend. That is what I have been told my entire life. I believe they can be anybodies best friend. Now, dogs are not for everyone and I won’t judge criticize or bash anyone who is not a dog lover, but my hope is that through the many times I will talk about dogs, I hope that you can have a better appreciation for what dogs are and what they mean to me.  

Growing up we have had many dogs but I won’t get into logistics of what breeds they were, there was one to this day that has stood out to me. His name? Newman. His breed? Old English Bulldog.  He has been a saving grace not only in my life but in my moms life.  To put it lightly, my mom hates dogs. Or in other words hated dogs. She had a very hard time with my families dogs growing up until she met Newman.  Newman was originally my oldest brother Justin’s dog. He had bought him from Montana and brought him home around Thanksgiving. Justin’s wife and him were expecting their first child and also had a 2 year old beagle named Ruffio. Their hands were full. They decided that they did not have the means or the time to take care of Newman and started looking for a family to give him to.  In the few days that I had met Newman, I felt a very strong attachment to him. He got me. I to this day, can’t fully explain how Newman has helped me, or how we had such a strong connection from the start.  Justin’s and his wife decided to surprise me a few days later by bringing him over to my parents house (where I lived at the time) to say goodbye, because they had found a family to give him to. They then left with Newman and I was bawling (teenage boys are totally ok to cry right?). Then a few moments later, I heard a knock on the door. I went to answer it, wiping the tears from my eyes, and to my amazement, saw Justin holding Newman wrapped in a red bow. It was a Christmas miracle to say the least. Newman has been much more than a dog and let me tell you why:

  • Newman would wake me up in the mornings by banging his head against my cracked door until it burst open
  • If I was ever in pain because of someone else he would bark at them until I told him that I was ok
  • When I left for a couple of years for voulunteer service, he grew attached to my mom and changed her opinion of dogs completely
  • He would lay by my side, or my moms side whenever we were sick
  • Anytime now that my parents leave for a trip or vacation, he gets sad because he knows they will be gone and gets all emotional (it sounds like I am making fun of him, but it really is the cutest thing)
  • Newman loves to chew on bottles, balls and loves himself some popcorn
  • He followed me whenever I mowed my parents lawn
  • He loves car rides

Those are the biggest reasons why I love Newman so much. He is a stalwart example of mans best friend, and it will be hard to find a replacement for him when my wife and I decided to get a dog.  Most Bulldogs are this way. Emotional, in-tune and very caring. They love people, even thought they don’t always want to cuddle or be touched. English Bulldogs are quite a lot smaller than American Bulldogs and seem to be a lot more chill than French Bulldogs.  I absolute love how chill they are. Also with some practice they are very well known for their skateboarding skills.  I mean what’s not to love?!

One last thing of why I love English bulldogs, and even all other bulldogs in general.  Their history is pretty unique!  Back in the height of the bullfighting days, the matadors would be fighting the bulls. The crew in charge of the bulls had a hard time controlling them, and wondered what could be done to make their job easier. Enter bulldogs. Bulldogs have been bread for centuries to have a flat face so they could attach themselves to the ring in the bulls nose. Without the long snout of a normal canine, the bulldog would not break its nose should the bull become hostile. It is quite impressive to me that they have such a heroic/intense past. Nowadays, bulldogs are known for a lot of other things, one of the not so great things about them are their health issues. They do tend to have asthma, weak joints and overall terrible cardiovascular health. This has deterred me one but from wanting another one. 

Bulldogs are just one of the types of dogs that I love so much, but I will leave the rest of them for a later date.  Dogs are not just mans best friend, they are everyone’s best friend.

Newman, just chillin @ my parents house (Photo Credit: Trevor Montana McMurtrey )

From the bottom of my canine loving heart,

Trevor Montana McMurtrey

A Place of Distant Beauty: Montana

Trevor Montana McMurtrey. That is a name that I wear with pride. It has defined who I am for two and a half decades. I cherish my name greatly and I feel that it has served me well.  As I have grown older I have come to gain a better appreciation of the trips and vacations that my parents took me on. I’ve also gained a deeper respect for my middle name. Montana, the big sky country as they call it. It was always special to me, but not as much as it has been these last few years. I haven’t been able to visit as much as I like, so I am excited to take my wife and children to places that they have never been before, places in Montana that define the name that I was given.  Of those places here are some of my favorite: (And I will proceed to tell you why)

  • Glacier National Park: Perhaps one of the most well known parts of Montana happens to be my favorite. It is a place of prestine beauty, with real aquamarine water. (None of that fake dyed water) It lives up to its name with glaciers that can be seen from the side of the road, animals can be seen at all times, there is old wood lodges to stay at, lakes to gaze upon and so much more. It has it all.  There is a special place that my dad has been going since he was a child. To this day it is still a pretty private and close kept secret for my family. Polebridge. Polebridge is a cute little town, (barely even a town) that has a little bakery that makes huckleberry Bear claws to die for. (For those native to Montana or surrounding areas you know what a huckleberry is). For those that have never tried a huckleberry, it is a very sweet version of a blackberry, at least that it how it tastes to me. You can’t really tell someone how it tastes, its more of something you have to try on your own.  It also has homemade hot pocket sandwiches, and other types of pastries that some would live in this small town just to eat on them on a daily basis.  It is one of my favorite places in the world, and I really want to thank my dad for showing me such a special place for my family and I to go to.
Aquamarine Water – Glacier National Park (Photo Credit: )
  • Anaconda/Butte: These to little gems are actually kind of ugly compared to how gorgeous the rest of the state is. They are both very old mining cities and as such are very ancient in some areas and have aged quite poorly. That is what I love about it. They are both very old, and yet are brimming with life. Ananconda is where my mom’s parents live and has been one of the main places that I have visited throughout my Montana history. Butte, on the other hand, houses one my my most favorite restaurants in existence. Matt’s Place Drive Inn. Matt’s has an amazing burger, homemade/hand cut fries, creamy housemade shakes among other great menu items. The best part of this restaurant? It only seats about 12 people, if you don’t get there around 11:00 am you will have to wait until a seat opens up. They also only take cash, no cards, now that is old school, and freakin awesome, I don’t care who you are, and neither will they. It’s a place where I can go and just stuff my face without a care.
Matt’s Drive In  – Butte Montana (Photo Credit:
  • Phillipsburg: A little ghost town with the worlds best Candy store. It sounds like a bold claim, but don’t knock till you try it. It is a store full of more than 200+ types of candy, homemade taffy and local baked and designed chocolate and fudge. I love this little town and so will you when you visit it.
Just one small section of The Sweet Palace candy store – Phillisburg Montana (Photo Credit:
  • Whitefish: Only a short distance from Glacier National Park, Whitefish is a tourist town of sorts. It has a nice lake for fishing and boating, and on top of the mountains close by is fancy skiing and snowboarding resort called Big Mountain. I was able to Jetski on the lake, Mountain Bike at the resort, travel to Glacier National Park, rent our own little house for a week and get fresh baked cinnamon rolls from around the resort. It was a place of wonder and amazement, and the best part? It is lush and green and very Montana worthy. You will no regret visiting Whitefish, I guarantee it.
Whitefish Lake – Whitefish Montana (Photo Credit:

While there is much more that I love and adore about Montana, I don’t want to give up all of my secrets in one sitting.  Montana has literally shaped me throughout my life. It has and will always be a part of m.  I am excited to spend time there and discover what parts and activities will be my families favorite. No matter how far your favorite place may be,  it will be with you forever.

With dreams of vacation for everyone,

Trevor Montana McMurtrey

Thoughts of a Scattered Mind: The Masterpiece of the Switch

Seldom does something come into your life and completely change the way you live. One thing that has changed the way I live is the Nintendo Switch.  A blessing of a device that has shaped the way I go about my day.  It is a true beauty that I feel may be one of the best consoles ever made.  I, an owner of an Xbox, PS4, PC, and a Switch dedicate most of my play time to the Nintendo console. Though I wouldn’t say I am a hardcore gamer, video games have helped shape me into the man that I am today. I remember the first game that I owned myself, it was Christmas in the late 90’s and I finally got my first gaming console; the Gameboy Pocket, a gorgeous faded red. With it? Pokemon Yellow. I was so over joyed, and from that day forward games became a part of who I was, they became a part of my essence.  Then come 18+ years later, and there are almost too many games to choose from, and so little time. As an adult with a full time job, my wife, and now a newborn child, the time I set aside to play games, is few and far between. Enter the Nintendo Switch.

My wife and I were lucky enough to score one a few weeks after its initial release in March, 2017.  It was phenomenal. While I still played my Xbox and PS4, the switch was quickly becoming my favorite console to play a game on. The idea of playing Zelda, (let alone a massive open world, choose where you go first Zelda) on the go was nearly unfathomable. Then came Mario Odyssey. Then Minecraft, Sonic Mania, Hollow Knight, Skyrim, and oh so much more.  Though some games were older they felt right being able to be played on the go.  So, before I continue to ramble on, here is a list of my favorite things about the Nintendo Switch.

  • Portability/Convience
  • Exclusive Titles Mario/Smash Bro/Mario Kart/Zelda
  • Gameplay Options ie. Joy Cons, Pro Controller, TV, Handheld Mode
  • Ease of Use (Simple Design)

The Switch, I feel will lead a generation of games in its wake, and will in due time be known as the greatest console of all time. It is my console, and I feel will be for a very long time. With only a few shortcomings and a small lapse in display quality, the Switch has giant leg up on its competition. Developers continue to flock to the Nintendo Platform, one of which is known by the legendary name of Bethesda Softworks. With companies as big as Bethesda behind the Nintendo Switch, there seems to be nothing that it cant do. One common complaint that I have heard about the Switch, is its lack of BlueTooth.  A company named Genki has already started to create that a dongle that allows BlueTooth.  The victories of this device far outweigh any of its minor flaws.  I will always back Nintendo. They give Video games a good reputation, and the Nintendo Switch is the icing on the cake. The ace in the hole. The light in the dark. Because I believe in the Nintendo Switch, and so should you.

With a Nintendo Switch by my side,

Trevor Montana McMurtrey

My Favorite Things: Rainy Days

It rained today. It hasn’t rained for a few months now, and I oh, how I’ve missed it.  The way it makes the air so clear and clean. The lights that reflect off the ground. The sound of rain, pitter pattering on the roof top. During my childhood, it was one of the things that I loved the most. I would look outside with the biggest smile and watch the falling rain. I remember a few times where I didn’t have the best common sense and would look straight up into the clouds. (I think most of us know what happens when we do that. If not, you’ll find out.)  As I grew older I still enjoyed the rain but a new found angle came into play. Puddles. Whenever I would drive on a rainy day I would purposefully drive to areas that had puddles, I would point to the puddle (even if I was by myself), and start have a staring contest with it. Then I would proceed to drive right through it, usually sending an enormous wave to the side of the car.  Most times that was it, but at least one time, I would learn to regret going through puddles. (Broken car, I’ll leave it at that.) 

Another reason I love rainy days so much, is the weather that accompanies it. It’s a beautiful thing really. The entirety of the process is what makes the day the best. The surrounding thunderstorms, as they sound across the sky, as if they talking to us.  On occasion the elegant lightning storms, especially at night as they cascade across the sky, giving our own personal light show.  Also, the gloomy, melancholy clouds make for my happiest days.  My wife and I really want to live somewhere, where the clouds are grey most days, right now we live in Utah, where you can never really tell what the day is going to be like. We love it here, but want more of our rainy days.  Overall, rainy days are the days where I ponder life the most, where I get my best ideas, and where I feel that I grow the most. It’s days like today that get me where I want to go, and that’s why I love them so much.

On this beautiful rainy day,

Trevor Montana McMurtrey

A New Addition to the Family

It has been one crazy week. One year ago today, I could not have told you where my wife and I would be. This last Monday September, 24th 2018, our little baby girl was born. She came in at a whooping 6 lbs 12 oz. (I know! Shes huge!) and 19.5 inches. While we have had to make adjustments, we’ve been preparing for 9 straight months, and yet that still did not prepare us for what this last week has been.  One big amazing, unique experience. First off, holy diapers. Apparently babies poop. A lot. So there is that! While our little girl, her name is Charlie, by the way, has been quite the angel. I don’t want to jinx it but she has been so good for us this last week.  She has been such a blessing and a joy in our lives, though there is still a lot of changes to be made. I don’t think that it has truly sunk in yet, as I am writing this, there is a living breathing baby chilling next to me in her comfy little bassinet. The thing that gets me the most (my wife also) is that she is completely and totally dependent on us. Everything she needs, everything she does is on us. That’s a lot of responsibility for us young-ins. Though the diapers are plenty and our hours of sleep are few, I would not trade it for the world.  Having this new little baby puts so much into perspective.

  • How much my parents did for me growing up
  • What really matters in life is who you love
  • Hobbies don’t have to go away, you just find which ones are most important

As of right now those are the ones that I keep going back to. Over and over in my mind I just have a new found respect and admonition for my parents.  They gave me everything and more. I had it pretty lucky, not everyone can say their parents gave them everything, my wife included, but we can save her story for another time. (It’s a pretty good one though).  I don’t want to ramble one any longer, but just want all of you to know that life is good. It really is, and if you will take a moment and remember the small things in life, you really will find that the small things are what make up the big things of life.

With all the happiness and laughter I can muster,

Trevor Montana McMurtrey

All About Nothing

This is it. The moment I’ve been waiting for. I have looked far and wide for something that I loved to do, and I’ve found it. I have always wanted to write; from a young age I have written poetry, short stories and have tried multiple times to write books. This is finally my chance to write, to see how it goes. It seemed so difficult at first, but as I am writing this ( for whoever is reading) for you. Whatever the day to day brings, these posts, these topics; are for you. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can. Believe that you will. I haven’t gotten to exactly where I want to be, but I am on my way. This is it.  My family is what means the most to me, and this is for them, as much as it is for you. Lets take this big journey together, wherever that may be, whatever it may look like. This will be a place about nothing, and yet it will be about everything. What will you choose to do?